National Parks Initiative

Presently there are 398 Protected Areasof different categories across the country. It
includes31 National Parks, 92 Wildlife sanctuaries, 97 Game reserves, 160 Community
reserves; 19 Wetlands under Ramsar Convention. The total Protected Area was about 12%
of the total land area of the country before 2018; this has increased to 13% over the past
two years. The overall objective of Protected Areas component under the ‘Ten Billion Tree
Tsunami Programme’ is to improve the overall conservation of the existing Protected Areas;
encourage eco-tourism, community engagement and job creation through the conservation.
Also to improve quality and sustainable management of these areas for improving
conservation and for strengthening biodiversity and ecosystems. The Government further
plans to expand the Protected Areas cover by adding new areas for conservation of natural
flora and fauna.
The Prime Minister would be launching the ‘Protected Areas Initiative’ (PAI) with
overarching objective to strengthen Protected Areas across the country.
Aim of PAI
Expand Protected Areas Network from 13% to 15% by 2023 through quality enhancement
to achieve international standards. The Provincial Governments would be requested to
participate through their finances to ensure greater protection.
Objectives of PAI
The Initiative aims to develop 15 model Protected Areas across country under TBTTP with
overarching Objectives to:

Conserve over 7295.549 Sq km of land area across country (Annex-I).
Develop management plans for sustainability through community engagement.
Quality enhancement of PA’s through;

a. Development of National Park Service
b. Promotion of eco- tourism with standardized infrastructure

iv. Facilitate conservation; enrichment of biodiversity; create cultural and social capital,
all towards meeting challenges of Climate Change.
Global Recognition through IUCN Green Listing.
Green Stimulus creation of over 5,500 jobs and strong community engagement
through this component alone.

Impact of PAI
The expected impacts of PAI are as under:
? National Park Management Plans
? Infrastructure; boundary demarcation; pathways; watch towers; aligned to habitat
? Safeguarding biodiversity and Ecosystems
? National Parks Service; Green Stimulus; over 5,500 local jobs
? Community engagement & sustainable ownership
? Eco-tourism, with standard architectural designs
Components of PAI
The estimated cost of the PAI is Rs. 3895 Million over the next five years with following

S.No. Major Activities
1. Ecotourism
2. Green Stimulus / National Parks Service
3. Operation and Equipment
4. Park Conservation Funds and Community Development
5. Management Plan

Model Protected Areas under Protected Areas Initiative

S. No. National Park/Protected Area Province/ Territory
1 Sheikh Badin KP
2 Chiltan-Hazar Ganji Balochistan
3 Namal Lake Game Reserve, Mianwali Punjab
4 Pond Area of Baloki Headworks Punjab
5 Deva Vatala AJK
6 Khunjerab GB
7 Margalla Hills ICT
8 Hunderap Shandoor GB
9 Astola Marine Protected Area Balochistan
10 Kheri Murat Punjab
11 Musk Deer National Park AJK-GB
12 Nanga Parbat National Park GB
13 Takkar National Park Sindh
14 Ara-Basharat National Park Punjab
15 Salt Range National Park Punjab